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Other STEP Guide Documents

Other Simple Tools for Effective Performance (STEP) documents for small drinking water systems can be obtained from EPA by calling the Safe Drinking Water Hotline at (800) 426-4791 and requesting the document by its publication number. The documents can also be found on the EPA's website.


A Small Systems Guide to the Total Coliform Rule (TCR)

This workbook:

  • Is designed to help small systems understand the TCR and the mandatory monitoring required under the rule
  • Provides sample worksheets to help systems organize and track TCR monitoring data
  • Provides appropriate follow-up actions should monitoring show a positive presence of coliform.

Publication number EPA 816-R-01-017A 

Published: June 2001

Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) Regulation Overview Brochure for Small Systems

This brochure:

  • Summarizes SDWA regulations that currently exist, are proposed, or are under development that affect or will affect small water systems
  • Emphasizes how the regulations relate to each other
  • Explains the multi-barrier approach to microbial and chemical/radiological risks and how SDWA regulations fit into this type of framework.

Publication number EPA 816-R-03-017

Published: September 2003

Complying With the Revised Drinking Water Standard for Arsenic: Small Entity Compliance Guide

This workbook:

  • Is designed to help systems understand and achieve compliance with the Arsenic Rule
  • Provides sample worksheets to help systems organize data
  • Provides guidance for small systems on their selection of appropriate compliance options.

Publication number EPA 816-R-02-008A

Published: August 2002

Strategic Planning Workbook

This workbook:

  • Is designed to help systems understand the concept of strategic planning and how it can help them prepare their water system to meet public expectations and regulatory requirements while maintaining organizational and financial stability in the future
  • Provides worksheets to help systems begin to plan strategically, assess their capacity, define their area of service, identify options, and develop an implementation plan for their system.

Publication number EPA 816-R-03-015

Published: September 2003


Disinfectants/Disinfection By-Products (D/DBP) Rule Workbook

Rate-Setting: A Handbook for Small Systems

Restructuring: A Handbook for Small Systems

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