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Sources for More Information on Asset Management

Electronic Programs

The Environmental Finance Center at Boise State University has developed an easy-to-use computer program to help water systems inventory their assets and analyze funding options for rehabilitation and replacement of assets. For more information or to order a copy, call (208) 426-1567 or visit their website.

Show-me Water Ratemaker
The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has developed analysis software to help water systems set rates. To obtain a free copy, call (800) 361-4827.


A Guidebook of Financial Tools, produced by the Environmental Financial Advisory Board and the Environmental Finance Center Network, is available in PDF format. It is also available by emailing efin@epa.gov or by calling (800) 490-9198.

Financial Accounting Guide for Small Water Utilities, Michael D. Peroo, 1997, Kansas Rural Water Association.
This document is available through the National Drinking Water Clearinghouse, West Virginia University, (800) 624-830.

GASB 34: What Is It? Why Should You Care?


EPA’s Environmental Finance Program provides financial and technical assistance to water systems and other regulated entities. Visit their website  or call (202) 564-4994 for more information about the program, for access to the program’s publications, and to reach the Environmental Finance Center network.

Additional Organizations

American Water Works Association 

Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies

Association of State Drinking Water Administrators

Government Finance Officers Association 

National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners 

National Association of Water Companies 

National Rural Water Association 

Rural Community Assistance Program 

Rural Utilities Service

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