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How does Asset Management relate to Strategic Planning?

The U.S. drinking water industry faces many key challenges in the 21st century, such as replacing aging infrastructure, addressing security concerns, and complying with new regulations. Depending on the circumstances of your system, you may need to make changes to the operation of your system. Strategic planning is a management concept that helps you address and prepare for both anticipated and unexpected problems. Strategic planning utilizes asset management to evaluate your system’s current physical situation, and it also evaluates your system’s financial and managerial situation. It requires you to make fundamental decisions about your water system’s purpose, structure, and functions.

In order to make Strategic Planning work for your water system, you need to collect the information that will allow you to make intelligent, informed decisions about your system’s future. Developing an asset management plan can provide you with some of that information. For more information on Strategic Planning, see EPA’s Strategic Planning Workbook (EPA 816-R-03-015), which you can obtain by calling the Safe Drinking Water Hotline ((800) 426-4791), visit the Alliance for Nonprofit Management, or contact your State or Regional Tribal Capacity Development Program Coordinator through Primacy Agencies or Tribal Contacts for more information.

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