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What Will I Learn?

As a drinking water system owner or operator, your most important job is delivering safe and secure drinking water to your customers. Part of this service is taking care of your system’s facilities and equipment and planning for any needed rehabilitations and replacements. An asset management plan will help you meet these goals in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

This guide will help you by providing information about:

  • How asset management can help improve your system’s financial health and ability to provide safe drinking water.
  • How asset management fits into the development of an overall plan for your system’s future (i.e., strategic planning). 
  • How to complete a five-step asset management process including: 
    • Conducting a thorough asset inventory.
    • Prioritizing the rehabilitation and replacement of your assets.
    • Developing an annual estimate of needed reserves and an annual budget.
    • Implementing the asset management plan.
    • Reviewing and revising the asset management plan.

The worksheets and other information in this guide will also help you begin to develop an overall strategy for your system. Using this guide along with EPA’s “Strategic Planning: A Handbook for Small Water Systems” (EPA 816-R-03-015) will help you develop, implement, and receive optimal benefit from an asset management plan that fits in with your system’s overall strategy.

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Intended Audience   How does Asset Management relate to Strategic Planning?