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Worksheet Introduction

The Prioritization Worksheet will help you:

  • Consider the redundancy and importance of each of your system’s assets
  • Prioritize your assets based on their remaining useful life, redundancy, and importance.

Things to Keep In Mind

  • Assets with a shorter remaining useful life should have a higher priority, as you will have to replace these assets sooner.
  • Assets that are more important to your ability to deliver safe water should have a higher priority, because your water system relies on these assets to deliver safe water.
  • Assets for which there is less redundancy should have a higher priority, because your system will have trouble continuing to operate without them.
  • The “big picture,” or how your community is planning development, is important to your operating plans and your prioritization decisions. For example, if the replacement of distribution system pipes is tied to road repairs, and the road repairs are delayed, water system improvements will also be delayed.
  • Any engineering master plans, capital improvement plans (CIPs), or comprehensive performance evaluations (CPEs) done for your system.

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An Example Prioritization Scheme   Instructions for the Worksheet