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Budgeting Worksheet Introduction

The simple five-year Budgeting Worksheet will help you quickly determine:

  • Your system’s annual revenues from fees, loans and grants, interest from any accounts, and other sources of income.
  • Your annual expenditures on maintenance, utilities, salaries and benefits, office supplies, professional services, taxes, and loan payments.
  • Your net income.
  • How much additional funding you will need to continue to operate and maintain your system and replace and repair your assets.

You should complete the Budgeting Worksheet every year. It will allow you to assess your financial situation and properly plan for future needs.

The budgeting worksheet is intended to help you understand the financial position of your system and forecast any potential shortfalls you may face. It will help you determine whether or not you are adequately funding your reserve account(s) and whether or not you should begin searching for additional funding sources. It is not meant to serve as an accounting tool, nor is it intended to replace your current accounting practices.

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Step 4 – How Do I Carry Out This Plan?   Budgeting Worksheet Instructions