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Basic Principles

The basic requirement for all asset management programs is that they can be effectively implemented.

Effective implementation means introducing the systems in the most efficient and effective way.

Corporate business objectives are normally the drivers for the implementation of an asset management program.

Before the desired outputs can be produced, inputs are needed and the systems to support the implementation must be in place.

The program must bring in the earliest return to the organization as possible (quick-wins).

The basic principles of the implementation phase are:

  • Level of outputs must be clearly defined
  • The program must be achievable over the appropriate timeframe
  • The organization must be capable of funding the resources required.

It should be understood that all organizations are at different stages, so no single implementation approach or strategy could or should apply to all. This topic presents a generic implementation approach, which should be adapted and tailored to your situation. Parallel implementation of elements or categories of assets may be appropriate.

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