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Data Capture Opportunities

Data capture is an important activity and it will consume a sizeable portion of the asset management program budget.

The data collection process should be improved wherever possible, to ensure that it is being carried out cost effectively.

A good knowledge of the existing conditions and problems of the assets can reduce the data collection effort required.

In addition to a formal data collection program, there are many opportunities to facilitate efficient data capture:

  • When asset failures occur
  • When planned maintenance activities are being conducted
  • During complaint callouts
  • During condition assessment visits
  • When operational activities are being conducted
  • During design/initial equipment or asset survey stage
  • Through staff knowledge
  • Through customers' knowledge.

Staff should record as much information as possible in these situations for the central asset database. Although information may not be complete, nevertheless the extra effort required is insignificant when compared to the effort to conduct a formal data collection program.

Methods of capturing data include:

  • GPS systems
  • CCTV
  • Hand held devices for recording a screen entry of data capture forms
  • Coupon samples of breaks for laboratory analysis.

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