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Options for Getting Started

Just as there are many ways to peel an apple, there are many ways to get started in asset management, each of which has now (after many trials and tribulations) proven to be equally successful.

Which approach we take will depend on our unique issues, however several factors are critical to our long-term sustainable success:

  • That we understand the Total Enterprise Asset Management Quality Framework (TEAMQF) that is involved in driving efficient and effective life-cycle asset management
  • That we understand the Business Value Chain (BVC) proposition.
  • That we use our asset management improvement program to deliver the most cost-effective benefits but never forget that we need to have a balanced scorecard across all quality elements, i.e. it is no good having a GIS system that is world's best practice if we don't understand the condition of any of our assets.
  • That we have a complete roadmap of our justified advanced asset management improvement and recognize what has been completed and what remains to be done.

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What is Asset Management?   Step By Step Approach