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Asset/System Approach

This approach involves applying advanced asset management techniques to solve an existing asset or system problem.

Note: SIMPLE's training program focuses on one example, the John Street Pump Station failures, which are part of the wastewater module in Interactive Training. In this training example, we have chosen a pump station that has suffered a repeated number of failures and is causing considerable stress to Tom, the manager of the wastewater agency.

Of course, this is only an example and agencies could choose any problematic asset and apply similar principles to treatment plants and collections systems. Some examples of the types of asset problems that have proven to be successful in this approach include:

  • Wastewater pump station
  • Wastewater siphon
  • Aeration tank mixers
  • Aeration tank blowers
  • Steel force mains
  • Trunk sewer corrosion
  • Concrete sewer collapses
  • Vitrified clay pipe rubber ring root intrusion.

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