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Existing Process and Practice Approach

The organization may have concerns about one of its major life cycle asset management processes. It could use advanced asset management techniques to case study its improvement in this area.

Examples include:

  • Risk assessment processes
  • Optimized Maintenance planning
  • Setting appropriate maintenance practices and budgets
  • Capital Investment Validation processes
  • Automation of operational activities
  • Data standards, data flows, roles and responsibilities
  • Optimized data collection programs
  • Optimized renewal decision making
  • Condition assessment programs - step practices.

Once the initial gap analysis has identified the weakness and the organization decides that this is the most appropriate quick win, then a consultant or advisor can:

  • Help them look at a best appropriate practice approach to this activity
  • Supply training and case studies that will enable them to improve the way in which they approach this process or practice.

This approach could involve any area where the organization thinks it is weak and could cover all aspects of the TEAMQF quality framework and life-cycle asset management processes and practices.

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