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Information Systems Approach

The organization may find a weakness with one or more of its asset management information systems (AMIS).

They may not have completed a detailed needs analysis but will have concluded that they need to either implement or replace an existing system, such as:

  • Geographic information system
  • Computerized maintenance management system
  • Works/resource management system
  • Condition monitoring system and CCTV data records
  • Fixed financial asset register
  • Inventory control and store system.

No matter what system the organization plans to implement or replace, they should consider it in terms of the total asset management quality framework, including:

  • Business processes and practices
  • Data and knowledge
  • Information systems
  • Service delivery.

This will improve the organization's understanding of the functionality and interfaces required between these systems.

The key success factors in AMIS projects are:

  • Deciding on a vision for your business in Asset Management terms. What do we want to be like in the future?
  • Making the business processes meet this vision, especially data standards and data flows
  • Designing the functionality for this application
  • Understanding the other required applications and their functionality
  • Understanding the way they will need to interface with other systems in the future
  • Looking at all options using a life cycle cost approach to the software and hardware
  • Understanding the training, cultural change and data collection requirements.

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