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Modifed Gap Analysis Approach

This technique uses a staged gap analysis approach, with either a basic (Level 1) or an intermediate (Level 2) gap analysis, based on the size of the organization.

The modified gap analysis identifies the primary gaps or key weaknesses for the organization and can easily identify the top ten 'quick wins' projects.

Instead of proceeding as in the full gap analysis approach to identify the value chain and the benefit cost of closing the gap, the organization starts on the 'quick win' project or batch of projects immediately.

This is shown below:

If we choose the right "quick win", we can see:

  • How these advanced processes, better data, improved information systems and the associated organizational and people issues can deliver benefits to our whole organization
  • The skills transfer and training that will be needed
  • The cultural change that is necessary for individuals and the organization itself.

By working on actual assets, we can raise awareness faster than using case studies from other organizations, especially when they may be from other countries or regions (e.g. the UK, Australia & NZ).

This approach is shown below:

Some of the quick wins may include some of the other approaches.

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